We offer comprehensive solutions in:

  • regular (uncertified) translations
  • certified (sworn) translations.
in many fields of expertise:
  • highly specialised and technical: manuals, instructions, specifications, products brochures, presentations
  • legal: agreements, notary deeds, all types of official documents, certificates, court decisions and judgements.
  • business and trade: offers, enquiries, contracts, company reports, financial statements, communications, quality policies and procedures, EU documents, projects, brochures, studies, certificates, product information.
  • web pages
  • literature, academic publications, fiction, academic studies
Any oral interpretation sessions are agreed case-based.
In our Agency the cost of translation is driven by the text only (1800 characters per page) – any additional services (formatting, OCR, inserting graphics, etc.) are free of charge!
A page of certified translation includes 1125 characters pursuant to the act on certified translators.
Any documents and data submitted to our Agency are kept strictly confidentially.