Since it was established in 1997 “OPTIMA” Translation Agency has been providing professional translations to corporate customers. From the very beginning the cooperation with such partners like ABB Zamech Ltd. (power engineering) and HANYANG ZAS Sp. z o. o. (producer of moulded parts, significant partner of DAEWOO) resulted in several hundred pages of translation projects related to technical specifications and manuals of the whole production plants.

That was then - and this is now – we have established regular cooperation with many large and medium-sized customers operating in diverse, often completely different areas.

For companies, the possibility to order the translation in our Agency from/into any language and related to any field of expertise means optimisation of your employees’ performance and avoiding wasting time and energy for looking for a reliable translator of a specific language, specialising in a particular field of expertise. It is our translators’ highest qualifications and professional experience your confidence in the quality of our translations is derived from.

Individual customers please feel invited to visit us – it is you for whom we are offering certified translations, in order to provide you with translations of official documents from/into any language in one place and at reasonable price.

Documents, manuals or specifications are often multi-lingual and cooperation with one translator may not be enough. Cooperation with us guarantees the documents to be translated faithfully, professionally and on time.

We are confident that the quality of our service meets your highest requirements!

Welcome to "OPTIMA" !.